Hazera is part of the Limagrain Group, an international agri-business based in France. The ambitions of our company, whether in research or the organization of its development, are based on the quality of its pluridisciplinary teams. For CV Catcher, please clic here. Seeds are marketed globally through ten subsidiaries. Opportunities for international careers are also possible and encouraged throughout Groupe LIMAGRAIN, which is present in all five continents through its seeds subsidiaries. Groupe Limagrain BP 1 Rue Limagrain Chappes F-63720 France Telephone: (+33) 4 73 63 40 00 Fax: (+33) 4 73 63 40 44 Web site: https://www.limagrain.com Source for information on Groupe Limagrain: International Directory of Company Histories dictionary. Prior to that assignment, Tatiana was the Area Manager for sister company HM.CLAUSE, a leader in vegetable seeds. The history of the company dates back to 1965, when French seed growers, who had been producing seed since 1942, established a research facility to develop maize varieties. Coopérative agricole détenue par des agriculteurs français et groupe semencier international, Limagrain est guidé par une raison d’être : coopérer pour le progrès de l’agriculture partout, pour tous. She has been working with Group Limagrain for 15 years. 1-603, Beifangmingzhu Building, Tiantongyuan, Changping District, Beijing, P.R. The Limagrain Group engages in seed research, seed production and seed marketing, as well as biotechnology research and applications. Being a farmers’ cooperative, the Limagrain Group understands the needs of its customers and has grown to become the largest seed company in Europe, specializing in vegetables, field crops and cereal products. CHINA 102218 Reception: +86 10 5738 3300 Fax: +86 10 5738 3301 ICP: 234FRT456 RSS and other feeds. Limagrain is an international cooperative group specialized in seed and cereal products. French company, Groupe Limagrain, through its Indian subsidiary, has acquired India’s Century Seeds Private Limited, a vegetable seed firm, in an all-cash deal. Limagrain is an international agricultural cooperative group and is the fourth largest seed company worldwide. Member of the Limagrain Group. Groupe Limagrain: Groupe Limagrain Holding SA (Groupe Limagrain) is a cooperative holding company that produces and markets field crop and vegetable seeds, cereal-based products such as baked goods and pastries, and animal feed for farmers and processors. Before coming to the States, she was CEO of Field Seeds in Ukraine and Russia, where she established subsidiaries in these two fast-growing markets. LG Corp. is a majority-owned subsidiary of Limagrain. All of the shares of Limagrain are held by the Cooperative. In 1975, Limagrain purchased Vilmorin, a vegetable seed company. Limagrain is an international agricultural co-operative group, specialized in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Groupe Limagrain (20) Limagrain Asia (1) Limagrain Cereal Seeds (2) Limagrain Ingredients (1) Limagrain Europe (40) Vilmorin-MKS (33) Vilmorin Jardin (2) View all vacancies. CHINA 102218 Reception: +86 10 5738 3300 Fax: +86 10 5738 3301 ICP: 234FRT456 Welcome to the Careers website for limagrain. ... With more than 21 subsidiaries covering 50 countries, Limagrain Europe has developed a multi-crop line-up based on a broad portfolio of varieties for farmers and distributors. LG Corp. is a holding company for the operations of the Limagrain Group in North America. Tatiana is the CEO of LCS. 1-603, Beifangmingzhu Building, Tiantongyuan, Changping District, Beijing, P.R.